Top 10 Funny Websites to Laugh at in 2016

They say “a day without laughter is a day wasted” so we’ve put together a list of the funniest websites you can visit to have a good chuckle.

1.     9gag

9gag is one of the most popular comedy websites online, with plenty to laugh about including funny pictures, videos, animation and much, much more. Launched back in 2008, the ever growing site now has an estimated 8,500,000 monthly visits. The sharing button feature on their site means you can directly share all their hilarious pictures and videos with your friends on twitter and Facebook with just a click of a button. chairs-1169692_1920

2.     Break

This may be one of the older websites on the list but is as equally funny and entertaining as the rest. Founded in 1998 the site features comedy viral videos, flash games and pictures. With thousands of humorous videos and loads of new content added frequently it’s a site were you can
always except to crack up with laughter.

3.     Cracked

“America’s only humor website” was founded in by Jack O’Brien in 2007, and has since grown in popularity. has funny articles, photos, videos, quotes and with their comedy based forum you’ll never be short of a good laugh!

4.     VideoBash

Another popular site is VideoBash, you’ll find your usual mix of funny videos and images as well as a huge selection of viral prank videos, so if you get your kicks from watching people play hilarious tricks on their friends and family. Then this is the site will have you rolling in the aisles.

5.     College Humor

Whether you’re in college or not, College Humor’s website created in 1999 is a hilarious mix of blackhumour and dirty jokes. Click on their picture gallery to search through amusing images and GIFs.

6.     Funny Junkman-1090766_1920

Like its name suggests, this website is a collection of “funny junk” that “junk” being laugh out loud pictures and GIFs. Founded in 2001 it has a large database of hilarious content new and old to keep you chuckling all day.

7.     Jokeroo

One of the bestplaces on the net to find side-splittingly funny home videos or to upload your very own hilarious mishaps you may have caught on film? One of its most popularcategories is animals, so if funny videos involving cute puppies is your thing head over to jokeroo.

8.     Epic Fail

If laughing at others misfortune or their downright stupidity is your thing. And to be honest, who doesn’t find either of these funny? Then Epicfail is the go to website to see user uploaded fails. With their fail or win vote system, this website will keep you entertained for hours.

clown-35128_12809.     Comedy Central

I guess you’ve heard or watch comedy central’s television channel but their website has some hilarious not on TV content such as videos, pictures and articles. The site also has funny clips and best bits of all their popular comedy shows.

10. Funny Or Die

Emmyaward winning comedy website Funny or Die was founded by none other than comedy actor Will Ferrell and comedy writers Adam Mckay and Chris Henchy. With founders like that, there is no way this website couldn’t be funny! The sites mix of hilarious original content will make you laugh until your sides hurt!

Have you been to any of these time hilarious sites? What areyour topsites to get you laughing out loud?


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