The Funniest Websites of All Time

Laughing is a great way to relieve stress. We search the internet far and wide to get our kicks from hilarious articles, videos and pictures. And when it comes to laughing we just can’t get enough.

So we’ve put together a list of some of the funniest websites out there on the interweb! From spoof news stories to hilarious translations, these websites should have you crying! Well, crying with laughter.

1.     Damn You Auto Correct!

I’m sure everyone has experienced the strange auto corrections your Smartphone can make when you misspell words while writing emails and texts. But sometimes these corrections led to some really awkward but hilariously funny conversations. Many are slightly rude and NSFW, but the cruder and more awkward the better right?

2.     The Onion

The onion is “America’s Finest News Source”, well, it’s America’s finest satire news source. The Onion’s hilarious spoof news stories are great at poking fun of recent goings on in world news, with political news and entertainment. Be sure to check out their weekly horoscopes for your humorous forecast.

3.     Literally Unbelievablehorse-1034429_1920

So you thought The Onion was funny? What could top their hilarious stories and articles? Well, stories of real people who believe these articles are actually real and post their outrage and disgust on Facebook! I can’t tell if the Onions brilliance makes these articles so believable or these people well believe just about anything they read? But needless to say, The Onion is definitely the gift that keeps on giving.

4.     The People of Walmart

The US has over 3,800 Walmart stores with millions of shoppers visiting every year. While many of these shoppers are normal everyday people like you and me, Walmart can attract a section of the population that are how you say, a little, different? Whether it’s fashion sense or just plain common sense. The people of Walmart are a website dedicated to hilarious photos of these very shoppers not looking their best. Try searching the words “no pants”, I dare you, you’ll be surprised how many people either forget to wear trousers or think it’s okay to shop in their underwear!

5.     Engrish

What do you do if you can’t speak English but you need to translate a message from another language? Well, you would probably pay to get a translator. But what if you couldn’t afford the professional translators cost? You could give it a try yourself? What could go wrong? Well as you’ll see on, a lot can go wrong from a buffet serving “French flies” to the delicious meal of “Homos with meat” there are hundreds of hilarious miss translated pictures to view.

6.     Awkward Family Photos

helloween-1021366_1280I’m guessing we all have those really embarrassing family photos you’d rather not show but your mum insists on getting them out to show everyone? Well, it could be worse awkward family photos is a site that has lots of these funny family photos for everyone on the internet to view! However bad your family photos may be while you were growing up I bet they aren’t half as bad as some of these!

What’s your all time favourite funny website? What sites really get you in stitches? We’d love to hear from you


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