Six of the Funniest Adult Websites

Humor: It is interesting to see what makes others laugh, what really triggers their funny bone. Sometimes it is the unexpected and other times it is the embarrassing. The sites we pulled together for the Funniest Adult Websites are those that are a little bit of both. Some of the sites are down-right sexual and others just have sexual innuendo. If you are deeply honest with yourself, and not embarrassed to laugh, you’ll find all of them to be very funny!

  1. Drunk Cow ( – Yes that is the name of cow-7907_1920this website. Yes, it is that funny. This site does a fantastic job of taking pictures of normal people, places, and things and writes the headlines that we are all thinking. Need a laugh between meetings? Need to laugh off the stress of the day? Take a few minutes, open up this site, and laugh – you’ll be stronger for the next boring meeting of the day.
  2. Crazy Hyena ( – Similar to the Drunk Cow, this is a website full of sexually suggestive pictures. The only difference is that these pictures are already suggestive in their own right. All are posed to be sexual or adult oriented in some way. Some may think this a lesser kind of humor than Drunk Cow, but you’ve got hand it to the subjects in the pictures – they have a sense of creativity.
  3. Funny or Die ( – Where else will you find Benny Hill type videos interspersed with 268216GIFs and print ads. Like Benny Hill, this is better viewed by adults rather than teenagers. This website is a little different than the two prior suggestions because it is much more about video – which means sound. Just make sure you have your ear plugs firmly in place before viewing as some of the language and sound may not be suited for an office setting.
  4. What Culture ( – Remember all those shows you used to watch as a child? Ever go back and re-watch them? Think sex wasn’t thought of much back then? Think again. This website lists the top cartoons that have sexual innuendo that we never really got as teenagers. They are pretty funny and give a little perspective on today’s humor.
  5. Dorkly ( – Similarly to What Culture, Dorkly poured through Disney movies to find those sexual innuendoes purposefully or accidently included in the dialogue. This puts the movies in a whole different light and secretly, make them a little more humorous than they already were. It makes us wonder who really has their mind in the gutter – the Disney writers or the Dorkly watchers?
  6. Thought Catalog ( – Thought Catalog rounds up our list of adult funny websites simply because some thought went into this site. They limited the number of dirty jokes to 50. No more, and also no less. These, in their opinion, are the 50 funniest dirty jokes. Some are just funny because they are so inappropriate, but others are truly funny in their own right. Go ahead, check them out and come up with your own conclusion.



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