Funny Websites to Encourage Your Child’s Creativity

Type the words fun, humor, or jokes into the Google search bar and you will come up with a litany of websites and videos available to you. Click on any of them and you will soon find out that most of them are not appropriate for children. Many of the jokes tend to be mean spirited, sexual in nature, and often offensive towards differences. Not something that will help our children – teenagers and younger – to develop a hint-665593_1920healthy sense of humor.

It was difficult, but we searched the web and found a few sites that are acceptable for those under 18 and especially for those under the age of 12. Most of the sites involve videos, which is always a hit for the age group that would rather see something funny than read something funny.

Settle down with a computer or notepad and enjoy an evening of laughter with your special youngster.

Younger Children

  1. Prongo (   –  pug-801826_1920Does your child want to be a comedian; the hit of the party? Here is a site to help them learn new jokes. This site boasts of a warehouse of over 2,000 jokes – all of which are child appropriate. Tune them in and let them practice. Who knows, with a little practice and encouragement they may become the next best child comic.
  2. All4tubekids ( –This YouTube channel follows a family of three from Michigan. Roland and his two daughters, Brittany and Briana, have developed a whole YouTube series that involves family friendly humor, jokes, and pranks. This is a great place for parents and children to laugh together.
  3. Parry Gripp ( – This may very well be one of the most unique YouTube sites we’ve seen in a long time. Filled with videos about animals doing some pretty amazing things or simply things we would very rarely see, this is a sight to relax to and have a few chuckles along the way. One of Parry Gripp’s creation is Mr. Raisin Toast. Very similar to Mr. Bill shorts, Mr. Raisin Toast encounters many animals and obstacles in different ways. This may very well be the series that develops your child’s interest in film-making.

Pre-Teen and Teenagers

  1. Jessica’s Daily Affirmations ( boy-1058829_1280– So, this
    channel isn’t so much about humor as it is about normal, everyday
    life in a family. This family started with just Jessica and her parents and grew to include Jessica’s sister Ness. Sometimes, the best way to appreciate your family is to see that others go through the same funny mistakes as yours does.


2. SoulPancake ( – One of the most popular characters on this website is Robby Novak’s character Kid President. Again, this isn’t a series that will have you rolling on the floor but it is a site that kids tend to like be captivated by. Maybe it is because kids like to watch other kids, maybe it is because he brings up some points that many kids already know, maybe it is because he sparks other kid’s imagination. Whatever the reason, the Kid President is a pretty cool character for kids of all ages.

3. FailArmy ( – Need something for your teenagers to watch – this may be more their style. In the likeness of America’s Funniest Videos, this is a series of videos showing teens and adults failing at their best stunt attempts. Some are cringe worthy! Others are just too funny not to watch a second time. All of them are humor appropriate for teenagers.



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