Funny Websites Especially For Women

The difference between men and women is sometimes great and making it hard for one sex to understand the other. The same definitely be said about humor. For many women, humor is more a change of state. It doesn’t have to be a rip roaring laugh that all can hear. Oftentimes, that picture or clip that produces a small giggle or an aww is just as humorous as the gag or prank that makes a man laugh hysterically.

For that reason, we scanned the ‘net for websites that will make women laugh, giggle, or just say aww. In other words, these websites will change your state of emotion from blah to happy.

  1. The Onion (

In this time of political rankering and mean-spiritedness of debates and onion-slices-335110_1920squabbles between grown men, The Onion provides a bit of a distraction. The writers use a good bit of humor to take outlandish stories, add a serious headline, some great pictures, and create a story that can be witty and funny. This is a site for those women who want to laugh at the rest of the world for taking themselves a little too seriously.

  1. Staggering Beauty (

This site may just get on your husband or boyfriend’s last nerve. Mad at your boss? Had your last nerve pinched at that meeting this morning? No problem, come back to your desk and shake your mouse to your hearts content. As you shake the mouse, the worm moves over the screen and makes pretty pictures. Talk about changing your state of mind. Within five minutes of shaking that mouse you’ll be ready to tackle another meeting!

  1. 9Gag (

giggle-608824_1920Yep, it’s a weird name for a humorous website but it got you to look, right? This is one of those sites that has some innocent enough clips and pictures of couples, babies, pets, and bloopers that will make any woman laugh. None of them are too racy or carry a lot of embarrassing sexual innuendo, but all of them will make you giggle and sometimes laugh out loud.

  1. Oddee (

This website name is just fun to say. Oddee. Very much like 9Gag, this is a site that makes humor comfortable. Mostly pictures and stories, this site will make you laugh, but won’t be too embarrassing for your teenager or office mates to view. Topics range from awkward pictures to weird political ads, this site is both smart and funny. Take a look and get ready to giggle a bit.

  1. College Humor (

einstein-1173990_1280Let’s face it, sometimes women just want to have a hard, boisterous laugh. This site will definitely give it to you. In reminding us of all the stupid things we did in college by watching today’s college students do the same stupid stuff, we can give ourselves a little humor boost. Watch, enjoy, and then thank God that no one had video cameras ready when we were in college!


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