Do women like different humor than men?

The difference between men and women is sometimes great and making it hard for one sex to understand the other. The same definitely can be said about humor. For many women, humor is more a change of state. It doesn’t have to be a rip roaring laugh that all can hear. Oftentimes, that picture or clip that produces a small giggle or an aww is just as humorous as the gag or prank that makes a man laugh hysterically.laughter-775062_1920

Conversely, men see humor as a whole body experience.  Male humor is often sarcastic, centered on sexual innuendo, and is meant to create a very real emotion.  Very often, men will use humor as a way to bond with other men.

What kind of humor do children enjoy the most?

Children enjoy watching other children. Very often, the video, picture, or story that a child finds humorous is the one that they can relate to the most. If they see a child in a funny pose, funny situation, dressed in a certain way, or experiencing a funny situation they themselves have experienced, the child will connect with that article and find it more humorous than one that has no connection to them.

Children also like to see animals. Animals acting like humans are some of the most humorous pictures and videos for children.  Talking dogs, cats using the toilet, goats putting on clothes – these types of pictures or videos will have a child rolling on the floor laughing.

What type of funny article is found most often on the Internet?

Funny videos make up the largest segment of the Internet websites devoted to funny articles, pictures, and videos. This may be because they are visually appealing and the sound of the video will often spur emotion in the viewer. If the video has someone laughing, the viewer will more often laugh. Similarly, if the video has someone crying, the viewer will often cry – so funny sites should not include videos of people crying.

dog-237195_1920Humorous photos make up the second largest segment of the websites devotes to funny articles. These aren’t just any photos, these are the photos that we wouldn’t expect. Find someone that is over the top of norm  or ones with opposites sides – one normal and one out of skew – are the most funny. For instance, the subway rider looks normal from the front, but when we see the back of the subway rider we notice he or she has toilet paper flowing from their waistband. The unexpected is funny.

Is there a difference in humor between generations?

We have noticed a difference between humor in college students, middle aged, and the elderly.

College students tend to see anything out of the norm or over the top to be humorous. Typically, it is this group that thinks the videos of people getting hurt doing skateboard stunts or swinging from the tree are the most funny.  This is also the group that loves to laugh at someone who is embarrassed.

The middle aged group tends to get more humor from those items that they can relate to. Show them scenes or stories of funny actions that they have either personally witnessed or personally lived through and humor would be successful. This group does not get as much humor from those who are getting hurt. However, college students and drinking parties are still pretty funny for this group – as long as they are not the star of the video.

The elderly tend to be a much different group of humorists. They find great humor in those videos, articles, or pictures that show other elderly people in funny predicaments. Maybe it reminds them what could happen or what they look like when in the same situation; whatever the reason, the elderly like to watch other elderly people having fun. This is also the group that is the easiest to make laugh. The video doesn’t have to be over the top or someone getting hurt, it just has to give them the unexpected and a very real, and often loud, laugh will be heard.