We’ve all had that day where nothing seems to go right. No matter how hard you try and no matter what you do, you are in a consistent funk. Try as you might, there doesn’t seem to be a way out. Until you open up the Internet browser and see a funny video or picture. Then suddenly the laughing changes your mood. You are better able to deal with the people around you. A simple laugh, a change of the mood – that is what this blog is for for.

This blog is your one stop shop for everything funny. Our team has scoured the Internet for the funniest websites and film-589491_1920YouTube channels and put them in one spot; making it easy for our viewers to access and share.  We are starting on humble grounds and rely on you, our followers, to spread the word so that we, with your help, can become the gate holder for those funny websites we all enjoy.

Started this year, our blog has high expectations. We believe that the information we gather and disseminate to our audience is not found in other blogs.  Additionally, this isn’t just some sort of list we have generated. The viewer has the added assurance that each of the websites suggested have been tested (and approved) by our team. After all, it is our job to make sure that your day is filled with laughter and fun!

Here at the blog, we realize that not everyone’s humor is the same. Therefore, we have separated our blog into different categories. We have funny sites marketed more to women, ones marketed to men, and of course those that are marketed for children. This last category is the most important for us. You put your trust in us to recommend sites that are appropriate for your child; we do not take that lightly. Parents can be assured that websites recommended for children do not contain any nudity, sexual innuendo, bullying, or violence.

This blog only works with your partnership. We need you to recommend humorous sites that you have used in the past or are currently using. Share with us those sites that have made you laugh out loud and continue to tickle your funny bone. It is only through your recommendations that we can continue to grow.

tree-frogs-517346_1920The same with spreading the word about this blog. When you find something on our site that makes you roll on the floor laughing, make sure to share it through social media.  It is simple to tell your friends to check us out. Simply click on the social media of your choice at the end of each article, picture, or video and a post will open up with the link to the laughter generating item, make sure to include a short comment for your friends and you’re done. Remember, visitors to our site will increase our exposure and advertising ability and in turn keeps us relevant in the current market. That means more new funny content for you to share.

I hope you will become part of our team!