6 Websites That Will Make You the Hit of the Party!

You have been asked to be the MC for this year’s annual Employee Appreciation dinner. You’re nervous and not sure what to do or what to say but know a good way to start is with a good joke. No matter how much will power you just can’t come up with one funny line. If “funny” isn’t the adjective most people would use to describe you, then this whole joke business will definitely be a lesson in frustration. Don’t be too hard on yourself, very few people are naturally funny.

We are here to help. After scouring the internet, doing multiple Google searches, and even reading one or two jokes ourselves, we’ve compiled a list of joke websites that will make your introduction to the dinner an instant hit.

We’re pretty sure you’ll be able to find a joke for every occasion. Have fun and laugh a lot!

  1. Work Joke (http://www.workjoke.com/) – Who knew there was a website that warehoused jokes specific to professions? I certainly didn’t. This is a great site for that opening joke for the annual Employee Appreciation Dinner! Almost any profession has its own bath-1160828_1920category. Are you a zookeeper? They have jokes about you.  A post office worker – yep, there is a category just for you.  A farmer? You guessed it, there’s a joke or two here for you, too.
  2. Comedy Central Jokes (http://jokes.cc.com/) This is the ultimate in funny! Not only will you be able to find jokes appropriate for that work event you are the MC for, but ones appropriate for the night out with friends will be here, too. Stuck in the doctor’s waiting room with nothing to do except read old editions of magazines? Check out their stand-up comedy routines. This is a site that can be used over and over.
  3. Jokes Warehouse (http://www.jokeswarehouse.com/) – This site is exactly what it sounds like – a warehouse of jokes. Need a funny family joke – you’ll find it. This is definitely a site that you will have to use your better judgement on. In addition to finding some great jokes, you’ll also find quite a few inappropriate religious joke, drunk jokes, and government jokes. So, be careful when picking a joke because if the audience isn’t right the joke can go seriously wrong.
  4. Kickass Humor (http://kickasshumor.com/) – Another warehouse full of jokes categorized by their type – religious, racial, marriage, flowergirls-571072_1920general. As the name dictates, these can be controversial to say the least. While controversial can be humorous, too much controversy or outright disrespectfulness can be a sure way to clear a room. If your humor is a little over the top or far left of appropriate this will be the site for you.
  5. The Oatmeal (http://theoatmeal.com/) – Looking for jokes and comic routines that take the normal everyday-life routines and make them funny? The Oatmeal is the place for you. Much of this humor is visual in the form of pictures, quizzes, and stories and they may not work well in social settings. This is a great website when you want to challenge your brain a bit with fun and witty games and incorporate reading and humor.
  6. The Laugh Factory Comedy Network (http://www.laughfactory.com/jokes) – Here is a site for all of you looking for great humor by regular people. Much of the humor on this site is generated by regular people who don’t have “comedian” in their job title. Want to try your hand at writing jokes – there’s even a contest tab on this website. Write your jokes and submit them to see how funny you really are. Who knows? You may be funnier than you think.

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