10 Hilarious Websites to Waste Time on

Wasting time can be fun. But how can you get the most laughs out of your procrastinating? Well to help we have picked some of the funniest ways to waste your time on the internet.

1.     Procatinator

Want to waste time watching a cat dancing to the ‘Macarena’? Then head over to Procatinator.com. This amusing website created by Ernesto Gonzalez and Claudia Musset in 2011 combines cat GIFs with fitting music from YouTube. And as you can see hilariousness ensues! This site, as the name states was created to help you procrastinate. So sit back and click through the hilarious GIFs!grimace-388987_1920

2.     Gizoogle

Parental advisory explicit content! But what do you except form a website that translates your content into “gangsta lingo”. Just type the text you want to be translated into the box and see what it throws at you! You can spend hours of funny with this site, I should know. So all you hustlas should head over n’ check datshiz up dawg!

3.     Heyyeyaaeyaaaeyaeyaa

A classic here from 2005, this animated video originally named “He-
Man-Sings”, has fictional superhero “He-man” singing the 4 Non Blondes song “What’s Up”. This may not sound side-splittingly funny but try and watch this without laughing!

“And I try, oh my God, do I try!”

4.     Bring in The Catsparking-262571_1920

Another time waster for music and cat lovers alike. Bring in the cats mixes the internet’s favourite feline faces with the brilliant dance tuned entitled “Bring in the Katz featuring Porkchop” by artist K W Griff. This is a website you need to crack up the music and enjoy!

5.     Panorama Fails

Have you ever used the panorama feature on your iPhone? Pretty straightforward I’d say. Well not for these guys. These fails are funny, interesting and some are just plain strange. 18 legged sheep and a horse with a giraffe length neck to name a few.

6.     Pointless Letters

This hilarious blog displays letters sent by people who clearly have even more time to waste than me and you! The viewpoints in these pointless letters are extremely funny but you can’t help to ask what massive waste of time and stamps they are.

7.     Name Generator

There is no denying Benedict Cumber batch has a great name! I wish I had a name like that. Well, this site lets you create your own Benedict Cumber batch name or you can just spend hours generating hilarious names. Mine was Oscar bait Battleship. What’s yours?

8.     Kanye

“Don’t let me in my zone!” A parody of Kanye’s lyrics in “Paris”, this browser game has the player controlling a bumper to block the musician Kanye West from entering his “zone”. An addictive game, with the highlight being when Kanye eventually enters his “zone”, fellow rapper Jay-Z appears with Kanye and the lyric “I’m definitely in my zone” is heard to communicate you have lost the game!

9.     Lunch Timers

This fun site lets you move and place fridge magnets while interacting with other online players.  You can team up with other users to create short stories, poems or just chat. Or you could do what I did and move other people’s letters or make rude and funny words.

cop-1016218_192010. Shut up and Take my Money

Take my money is a site that links you to completely useless but hilarious products that you definitely don’t need to buy but want to. From blank jigsaw puzzles to a magic wand you can use as a television remote. You can spend hours searching through all the crazy items you could buy.

Have you been to any of these time wasting sites? What other sites do you spend your time on when procrastinating?


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