10 Fun, Weird and Interesting Ways to Waste Time Online

Need a break from life? Bored? These 20 ways to procrastinate will help you freshen up your mind and give you a break. Or you could just use them as an excuse to waste time; I’ll leave that up to you.

1.     CleverBot

Cleverbot is an intelligent robot you can have a conversation with online. Just ask him a question or say “Hi” to start a conversation, which could last hours. But be aware of what you ask Cleverbot as sometimes it’s not as ‘Clever’ as it may think, as its answers can sometimes be very amusing.

soap-bubbles-672659_19202.  Snap Bubbles

How much fun is popping bubble wrap? I’ve sometimes received a gift or parcel and spent more time with the bubble wrap then the actual item! But then maybe I’m a bit sad. Well if you’re like me, then you can head over to snapbubbles were you can enjoy popping virtual bubble wrap all day!

3.     Space Bar

Press the space bar is a game where, you guessed it, you press the space bar. Well, you can see how many times you can press it within 5, 10 or 15 seconds. Trust me this is highly addictive, especially when you’re trying to beat your best scores. Try and beat me, my best was 51 in 5 seconds.

4.  Feed the Head

This endless zoom illusion site is a must see, but be warned you can get sucked into the infinite zoom effect and amazing artwork. I’ve watched this for a while and you’ll be stunned by how it keeps going.

5.     Feed the Head

Feed the head is a very addictive interactive game where you have to perform various, strange things involving parts of the “head”. A really interesting game but a tough one to finish. Try this guide from Wikihow on how to complete it.

6.     Pointer

A great site to pass the time, all be it an odd way to pass the time. Pointer is a game where you are required to move your cursor (pointer) to a location on a screen, when the game has located the pointer it will show a picture of a pointer (someone pointing at your cursor). Move again and a different picture will be displayed again pointing at your cursor. Confused? Well, try it out!

eye-15699_19207.     Staggering Beauty

On first glance of this webpage, you’ll see a wiggly worm. By “shaking” your mouse back and forth you’ll transfer this worm it something a bit more exciting. Check it out. Warning it contains flashing images.

8.     The Nicest Place

Need cheering up? Feeling sad or down? Well, head over to the nicest place on the internet! This websites purpose is to cheer you up with a great big hug and some uplifting music. What are you waiting for? Get over there for a hug!

9.     Patience

Patience is a virtue, ever heard the saying “good things come to those who wait” well sometimes it’s good to be patient. You will have to visit the site yourself as I don’t want to ruin the surprise.

10. The Last Page

“Attention! You have reached the very last page of the internet” We hope you enjoyed our list of fun, weird and interesting ways to waste time online but our time wasting and the internet is up, that’s it we have reached the end. Well, not really but it is the end of this list.

Have you been to any of these time wasting sites before? What other interesting sites do you spend your time on when procrastinating?


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